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Vinyl is back in style and at Inked Vinyl, we’ll spruce up your home or office with unique textures. Our custom, vinyl wall wraps can be made to design any look you’re going for. From home wall wraps to durable vinyl flooring and more our team can create and install vinyl textures in your home and office. Vinyl home and office textures are an affordable option to get the look you want. Inked Vinyl in Naples, FL creates home and office vinyl in a variety of cuts and textures. Our projects can be used as a unique wall pattern or border, tiles that mimic the look of wood or brick, or natural-looking weaves (made from vinyl sheets or square tiles are actually made of woven vinyl) that look like bamboo. The design experts at Inked Vinyl Naples Florida will work with you to help select the best vinyl flooring or wall wrap for your home. Schedule a free in-home consultation today.

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Why Vinyl For Your Home

Vinyl for residential uses is installed in a variety of ways. Not only are the possibilities endless with a custom vinyl project, but it is cost effective too. The textured vinyl we offer are available in solid or mixed tones, so they have a realistic appearance. Real stones are a beautiful addition to your home but are quite expensive to buy and install. However, vinyl with texture will mimic that look for a fraction of the cost! The design team at Inked Vinyl will help you choose the texture that’s right for you and give you a unique look that transforms the room.

Try a stone vinyl in your home, lanai, or kitchen. Vinyl flooring and wall wraps are easy to care for and will hold up extremely well to everyday wear and tear in your home or office. From realistic to bold can give your home a textured vinyl look that uniquely matches your personal style. The Inked Vinyl team can create textured vinyl with different colors, color chips, and metallic or metal flakes that give it a touch of something special. Your guests will be impressed by the luxurious look while you’re happy you saved money and have a durable product.

Our team offers luxury vinyl that’s all about texture to make your space unique and fresh. There are so many new designs available, and you can trust us to help guide you to the option that’s best for you.
Why settle for less than the best? Have your textured home or office vinyl installed by Inked Vinyl. Our professionals can be trusted to do the job right. Contact us today!